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Introducing Moxie Mala's Monthly Membership –

Discover your Moxie Magic Monthly

Step into a realm of self-discovery and empowerment with our revamped Moxie Monthly Membership,
now offering two tiers designed to amplify your experience – 

 Tier 1
Moxie Month-to-Month Membership:

Tier 2
Moxie VIP Annual Membership
(VIP Access!):

Dive into a monthly infusion of inspiration and self-love with the Moxie Monthly Bracelet Club! No strings attached – just pure positive vibes delivered right to your doorstep, every month. Immerse yourself in the joy of anticipation as each package unveils a carefully curated Moxie Mala Bracelet and loose crystal, a tangible reminder of your inner strength and resilience!  Become the ultimate Moxie Insider with the Moxie Annual subscription! Elevate your commitment to self-love and empowerment by being a VIP member, you gain exclusive access to a world of Moxie magic. And that's not all – subscribe now, and as a special bonus, receive the VIP Moxie Membership Box ($100 Value)

Why Moxie Annual?

  • VIP Treatment: Elevate your experience with priority access to new releases and exclusive designs. 
  • Two Months Free: Because your commitment to Moxie deserves a little extra love.
  • VIP Moxie Membership Box: Be ready and supported as you embark on your journey of self-discovery with the box filled with goodies and tools to assist you along the way.

Subscription Details:

  • Flexible Commitment: No contracts – cancel anytime.
  • Renewal Simplicity: Plans renew automatically on the 30th of each month.
  • $60+ Bracelet. Each Moxie Monthly bracelet is designed with an exclusive variety of stones valued at $60+. 
  • FREE Shipping! - Enjoy FREE shipping for your membership!
    *At this time we are only shipping Moxie Monthly in the United States.

Ready to infuse your life with a burst of positivity? 

Join the Moxie Monthly Membership today and embark on a journey of self-love, empowerment, and radiant energy!

Because you deserve the extraordinary. 

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The Moxie Magic extends beyond the bracelet! 

As a special bonus for joining, immerse yourself in our exclusive monthly Moxie Masterclass.

This transformative experience goes beyond the stones and crystals, diving into the profound world of intention practice. 

Discover the deeper meaning behind each element, unravel the secrets of the stones, and learn how to authentically connect with the energy of your bracelet. This workshop is your key to unlocking the true potential of Moxie, guiding you towards a path of mindfulness and self-empowerment. Elevate not just your style, but your spirit, with Moxie – where intention meets empowerment. 

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