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At Moxie Malas we are super excited to announce our online parties and shopping rewards program! If you have a community online we would love to share the message of support, healing, transformation and empowerment with you and your closest! The best part? You earn shopping rewards while we share!

What makes us different from other online parties is that we share about the power of creating intentions and meaning in your everyday while also providing practices and education on how to do it. Moxie Malas has always been about the broader message behind the jewelry and helping others to live Peacefully Untamed. 

Throughout your Moxie Malas party we will be sharing about creating intention, the energy centers in the body and how stones and crystals can support both. We have exercises for people to participate in to create their own roadmap of creative intention. During all of this people will be shopping the jewelry and crystals that help to support the intentions they create while you earn shopping rewards towards the pieces you are looking to purchase! 

The only commitment from you is to invite your friends - we do all the rest!

Moxie Malas host / hostess shopping rewards

The feedback we've received has been so rewarding!

"I have to say I love this party! And you do such a great job breaking things out in a way that’s it’s understandable- thank you!" -Ashley

"I have learned so much and want to learn so much more. Thank you!" -Jennafer

"Thank you 🙏 This week has been fun! I've learned so much and still looking forward to taking time for the Perfect Day exercise you posted." -Heidi

"My girlfriends have been texting me all morning saying they LOVE their new bracelets. I would highly recommend a Facebook Party!!" - Kay

To book your online party please email