Moxie Malas - Peacefully Untamed is Crystal Healing and Aromatherapy jewelry created as a wearable affirmation of the energy within. Every piece is handcrafted in MN with genuine stones and crystals.

What does it mean to live Peacefully Untamed? It means to stand in your truth, own your personal power and live without boundaries because you have unleashed all the best qualities of you! It's the knowing that you are loved, supported and safe when you do. 

The flower in the "O" of Moxie is a Zinnia. The Zinnia is a flower that can handle the hottest of sun, the driest of conditions, and still produce a beautiful colorful bloom. It is a symbol of beauty with a heart of endurance and perseverance.
Each piece of Moxie Malas is hand crafted in the United States using only the highest quality of genuine semi-precious gemstones and crystals. When creating the intentions for the bracelets we look at what kind of support the wearer might need and what combination of stones and crystals would best support that intention. The stones are picked based on their own unique healing energies. 

We also believe in the power of combining different healing modalities. Many of our bracelets and malas combine crystal healing and aromatherapy through the use of porous lava stones. Pure essential oils can be dropped directly onto the
the stone and worn throughout the day.
Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Moxie Mala Maven
Owner and creator Jessica Hoch has been a yoga teacher for 13 years now and with a degree in Apparel Design Moxie Malas was the perfect love child of the two worlds. What originally started out as gifts for family and friends has blossomed into a collection of meaningful jewelry for the person who wants what they wear to be intentional and a reflection of their journey. 

“The jewelry combined with the energy of the stones and crystals is the perfect vehicle for the message of self-love, personal power & peace within. We are all on a journey & need to be reminded of how supported & connected we all really are.” ~ Jessica

Jessica has been practicing and teaching yoga since 2009. Her journey has taken many different paths since then and has always come back to the yoga mat. What started out as a simple curiosity has transformed into a deep love and respect for the yogic path. What she loves about the practice is that it's unique for each individual. She believes we have so many different roles in life and it’s the one place where we can find peace, reground, and feel the strength and ease that exists within. When you take care of yourself on your mat, you are then able to step from your mat and serve others with the best of who you are. 

Jessica is a 200 E-RYT instructor originally trained at CorePower Yoga in St. Paul, MN with additional trainings and workshops with instructors such as Jules Febre, Sadie Nardini, Johnny Kest and Alexandria Crow. Jessica is now a 500 RYT instructor certified through Devanadi School of Yoga and Wellness. She is also certified in prenatal yoga and loves working with mamas throughout their pregnancy and beyond.

A little more about Jessica personally, she is a mother of two beautiful boys, a wife, yogi, gardener, artist and biker chick! She loves to try anything once, meeting new people, and enjoying a day in the garden. She originally started making Malas because of her love for the energy and power behind the stones and crystals and what it does for the person wearing it. It brings her so much joy to create something for someone who is going to feel wonderful wearing it and inspired to meditate because of it.