The heart and soul of my business has been and always will be about creating purpose, intention, and support in our day to day lives. I wanted to have a name that would be a reflection of these attributes. Moxie by definition means - force of character, determination, or nerve. We practice Moxie in our everyday - now we can wear it!

A little more about the logo itself. As you know, I like to make sure everything I'm creating and sharing is done with intention. The flower in the "O" of Moxie is a Zinnia. The Zinnia is a flower that can handle the hottest of sun, the driest of conditions, and still produce a beautiful colorful bloom. It is a symbol of beauty in the face of endurance and perseverance.

What does it mean to be Peacefully Untamed? It is the balance of our calm, peaceful nature and our wild side with drive. It's about being the eye of the storm. While everything is moving, you have the ability to dance with it and the ability to find the stillness. This place of stillness and excitement exists within all of us - we are by nature Peacefully Untamed.

So, Welcome to Moxie Malas - Peacefully Untamed!!

Moxie Mala Maven
My name is Jessica and I have been practicing and teaching yoga since 2009. My journey has taken many different paths since then and has always come back to the yoga mat. What started out as a simple curiosity has transformed into a deep love and respect for the yogic path. When I come to my mat I love that it is just for me. We have so many different roles in life and it’s the one place where we can find peace, reground, and feel the strength and ease that exists within. When you take care of yourself on your mat, you are then able to step from your mat and serve others with the best of who you are. My favorite part about being a yoga teacher is the ability to share something I love so dearly with others and the ability to help others find the same peace and strength I have found – both mentally and physically. Watching the progression of my students as well as learning from them is such a gift. Seeing when someone has that “ah-ha” moment is priceless.

I am a 200 E-RYT instructor originally trained at CorePower Yoga in St. Paul, MN with additional trainings and workshops with instructors such as Jules Febre, Sadie Nardini, Johnny Kest and Alexandria Crow. I also have my certification in prenatal yoga and love working with mamas throughout their pregnancy and beyond.

A little more about me personally, I am a mother of two beautiful boys, a wife, yogi, gardener, artist and biker chick ;) I love to try anything once, meeting new people, and enjoying a day in the garden. I started making Malas because I love the energy and power behind the stones and crystals and what it does for the person wearing it. It brings me so much joy to create something for someone who is going to feel wonderful wearing it and inspired to meditate because of it.