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Live Peacefully Untamed - Intention and Bracelet Making Workshop

In this fun and inspiring workshop you will have an opportunity to dive a little deeper into what you are looking to create in your life!

Tap into your heart's desires to create a talisman that you can take with you and incorporate into your everyday.

Making Moxie Magic Bracelet Workshop Moxie MalasStory of your stones bracelet workshop Moxie Malas

Participants will be learning about the chakras and the desires of the Soul according to yogic tradition and how stones and crystals can be connected to these energies. Then each participant will take part in a little exercise to tap into your own intuition to create a one-of-a-kind bracelet just for you inspired by the best version of yourself!

Bracelet Workshop participant photo Moxie Malas

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What people are saying about the workshops.....

"We hosted Moxie Malas for a "make your own mala" bracelet night at our office. Jessica was able to lead us in making a beautiful, intention-filled mala bracelet that was personalized for each guest! Can't wait to have her back. Would highly recommend!" ~Brenna at Experience Wellness Chiropractic




Yoga and guided meditation are a great add on for your workshop, event or retreat. 

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