The Moxie Mentor Training Program

You feel it.

A calling to step into a bigger calling, inspire others and make a positive impact in the world. 

It’s time my friend for you to step into your power and share your light! Your people are waiting for you!

 Welcome to The Moxie Mentor Training program

 a purpose and personal development experience of diving into your inner desires, purpose and passions while creating a plan to elevate your voice and share your message with others.

 In this program we will be:

  • Diving deeper into what it is that drives you
  • Developing your unique voice as a teacher or leader
  • Broadening the ideas of what a purpose driven business can look like
  • Honing your skills and knowledge to share the path of self-reflection and personal transformation with others

Inside this program you will have a deeper connection to your purpose within, be given all the tools you need to lead your own transformative workshops, and all the resources and support needed along the way.

Together we will be:

  • Creating an outline for what you desire in life
  • Working with crystals and their energies
  • Our unique energies within
  • How to create a passion aligned business along the way
  • Participation in this program includes sample bracelets, a mala, and workshop set-up of beads.

During this training you will become licensed in the Moxie Malas Bracelet Intention Workshops and learn how to facilitate transformational experiences with your attendees as well as build a plan that supports your passions and generates profits!

This experience is about being surrounded by other passionate, purpose driven people looking to share their message with the world.

Here’s How You Receive:

Each Month we host weekly Mastermind Calls. These calls will guide you on a path of self-discovery, clarity, and direction for sharing your talents, perspectives, and passions with those who are waiting for you! As well as, helping to build you business strategy and mindset to support the ongoing work of putting your purpose and passions to the pavement. The weeks are organized as follows:

  • Self Growth + Personal Development Session
  • Business + Strategic Development Session
  • Reflection + Celebrations Integration Session
  • Open Hot Seats for individual support in a group setting.

2 Way What’s App Access. We will connect via Voxer to give you access to Jessica for in the moment support throughout the Mastermind Experience.

One Day Experiential Retreat: This day will be filled with community, celebration, learning, and ceremony to send you on your way. The experiential retreat will be the capstone of the program and take place at the end of the 4 months.

This will be held in Minnesota near the Minneapolis area.


One 1:1 Private Call: Your 1:1 call can be hosted anytime throughout your program and it’s designed to dive deep into what you are looking to create and see what big visions await.



Uncover what truly drives you, developing your unique voice as a light leader!

Create a purpose-driven business, honing your skills to share the path of self-reflection and personal transformation with others.

Upon completion, you'll not only have a deeper connection to your purpose but also possess all the tools to lead transformative workshops.

Our training includes creating an outline for your life's desires, working with crystals, understanding your unique energies, and crafting a passion-aligned business plan.


As a Moxie Mentor, you'll receive exclusive benefits, including:

✅Weekly Mastermind and Training Calls

✅1 day sacred celebration ceremony filled with community, celebration (annual event)

✅Starter Kit with the Moxie Bead Box valued at $2400

✅Jewelry display valued at $500

✅50% discount on new products

✅Ongoing contests, and incentives

Plus… Gain lifetime access to 13 Legacy Workshops, trainings and curriculum, including exclusive releases, and upcoming modules like "The Elements - Air, Earth, Fire, Water" and "The Archangels."


"From day one I was excited to joined the program. Jessica has a wonderful way of breaking things down to make them easier to understand. She listens to your questions and concerns and values your opinions during class. I felt safe, and a wealth of knowledge was given to me that I am eager to work with."

- Amanda


"This program was outstanding!! If you are in anyway interested in crystal energy, digging deeper into your spirituality or working on personal development you will gain so much knowledge from Jessica. Highly highly recommend!!"

- Jennifer


"The Moxie Mama Mentorship course was incredible!  Jessica is heart centered and leads with her fierce intuition.  She’s able to hold space for our transformation as she teaches us how to boldly follow the call of the life of our dreams.  This program came in my life at a perfect time,  and I am forever grateful that I said yes even though I didn’t know why.  If you’re considering this program, listen deep within.  If you get the slightest yes, even if you’re not sure why…it might be the support you’ve been looking for your whole life!" 

- Rachel

Join us on this transformative journey surrounded by passionate, purpose-driven individuals, and let's collectively share our messages with the world!

If you've been hearing the call for something more significant, a yearning to explore your purpose in a profound way and guide others on their journey, then this program is crafted just for you.

Your Investment-

Or 6 payments of $333