Mind Control - Specifically Your Own | Changing your mindset when it feels difficult to.

The most powerful tool we have is our mind. Whether it's for good or bad is up to you. When given the opportunity our mind is going to run wild with even the smallest amount of stimulation. This is really something to be considered seeing as we more input from external sources than we ever have. However, within in those inputs we have more resources than ever to be able to handle them as well.

Our mind is like a spider weaving a web. It takes all of the information it receives and tries to attach it to something we already know in order to make sense of it. So it's important to be like the spider and dance along the threads with ease rather than being the fly getting stuck in the sticky mess. Sometimes it's not so easy to stay out of the trap we have so intricately created with our past life experiences. All of our traumas and triumphs are floating around waiting for a connection point. 

So what can you do when you get stuck? How can you get your mind right when it's on the wrong path and running away with you in tow? Here are some simple tricks to practice your own mind control.

  • Acknowledge that your thoughts are running away with this situation.
     Bring your self into the present moment by acknowledging that your thoughts are separate from your current situation.

  • Think about something neutral that is true in this moment.
    Look around for this one. What is the weather like? What colors do you see around you? How deep is your breath? How shallow is your breath? 

  • Do something to raise your vibration.
    Dance, sing, scream, listen to your favorite song. Look at something pleasing to the eye like flowers or art. Be in nature. Cook yourself a beautiful meal.

  • Have a touchstone in your pocket or a piece of jewelry you wear as a reminder of the mindset you want to embody.
    Being intentional about what mindset you want to have in your life is crucial. Having a talisman that you can physically touch as a reminder is great.

  • Create an ongoing practice to separate your inner truth from the thoughts that are constantly playing in your mind.
    Our mind has the job of thinking thoughts. This will never change. How we navigate that is what makes all the different. Just like practicing anything in life, the more you do it the better you get at it. If you have practiced letting your mind run a muck all your life (we all have) it might take some time to retrain your brain. Be patient, be kind, be consistent and it will get better.

One thing before I let you go. I don't want this to be a post about ignoring negative feelings, thoughts or emotions, so long as they serve as a lesson or a growing point. This is about getting out of old thought patterns that are no longer serving you. 

May you always be reminded of the deep well of peace and wisdom that exists within. Much love and gratitude - Jessica

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