Stones and Crystals to Help Keep You Grounded

During these chaotic and nerve racking times it's good to have practices in place to help you keep your center and stay grounded. It's easy to become uprooted and swept up with emotion in a time where the culture we are in is doing just that. 

There are practices like meditation, yoga, yoga nidra, and mindfulness that can help keep you grounded. Crystals are a wonderful energetic addition to these practices. 

Here is a list of stones and crystals to help keep you grounded during crazy times.

Black Tourmaline - protection from negative energies, helps to stabilize your energy

Hematite - very grounding and stabilizing, especially if thoughts and energy begin to race.

Obsidian - helps to remove mental stress and tension.

Smoky Quartz - changes negative energy into positive energy and helps to keep you grounded in challenging times.

Garnet - re-energizes all seven chakras by creating a strong root chakra at the base. Helps to keep energy balanced and stable.

Red Jasper - connects to earth energy and is a stone of balance, justice and helps to keep one from being dominated by their emotions.

Brecciated Jasper - strength and vitality

Picture Jasper - also known as landscape jasper, this earthy stone is very nurturing and supportive during times of upset.


Now that you have this list of stones and crystals you may be asking, "how do I use them?". Great question! 

The best way to utilize crystal energy is to have them touching your skin if you can. The easiest way to do that is in the form of jewelry or holding them in your hand. We have a Muladhara Root Chakra bracelet that is great for grounding down.

Holding the crystals in your hands during meditation is a great way to tune into their vibrations. If you're more of a visual person crystal grids are a great way to meditate on your intentions while creating a piece of energetic art - remember to take a pic! 

I hope this little post was a helpful starter for you. May you feel grounded, steady and capable no matter what life adds to your path.

Much love and gratitude, Jessica


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