Moxie Malas Mentor Training Program

We are beyond excited to announce the next session of the Moxie Mentor Training Program! Become a licensed Moxie Mentor! This program is for you, yes you, the one who feels a calling to something more. A calling to explore their purpose in a bigger way and to help others do the same. 

moxie malas mentor training program

In this program we will be:

  • Diving deeper into what it is that drives you
  • Developing your unique voice as a teacher or leader
  • Broadening the ideas of what a purpose driven business can look like
  • Honing your skills and knowledge to share the path of self-reflection and personal transformation with others

When you complete this program you will have a deeper connection to your purpose within, be given all the tools you need to lead your own transformative workshops, and all the resources to use along the way. 

In this 16 week training we will be diving deep into what drives you and tools to help support you along the way including:

  • Creating an outline for what you desire in life
  • Working with crystals and their energies
  • Our unique energies within
  • How to create a passion aligned business along the way
  • Participation in this program includes sample bracelets, a mala, and workshop set-up of beads.

The Moxie Mentor Training program is a 4 Month Experience of diving into your personal desires, purpose and passions while building a plan to elevate your voice and share your message. During this training you will be trained in the Moxie Malas Bracelet Intention Workshop and how to facilitate transformational workshops with your attendees as well as build a plan that supports your passions personally and professionally moving forward. 

This experience is about being surrounded by other passionate, purpose driven people looking to share their message with the world. 

Here’s How You Receive: 

✓ Each Month we host weekly Mastermind Calls. These calls will guide you on a path of self-discovery, clarity, and direction for sharing your talents, perspectives, and passions with those who are waiting for you! As well as, helping to build you business strategy and mindset to support the ongoing work of putting your purpose and passions to the pavement. The weeks are organized as follows:

  • Self Growth + Personal Development Session 
  • Business + Strategic Development Session 
  • Reflection + Celebrations Integration Session 
  • Open Hot Seats for individual support in a group setting.

✓ 2 Way Voxer Access. We will connect via Voxer to give you access to Jessica for in the moment support throughout the Mastermind Experience. 

✓ Samples of Moxie Malas Jewelry and a bead kit to set you up to facilitate your first workshop.

✓ One Day Experiential Retreat: This day will be filled with community, celebration, learning, and ceremony to send you on your way. The experiential retreat will be the capstone of the program and take place at the end of the 4 months.
This will be held in Minnesota near the Minneapolis area.


✓ Moxie Mentor Training kick off + Intention Setting Ceremony.  We will begin this program with a powerful ceremony and activation of intention so we can take aligned action together!
(Date: October 17th, 6pm CST) 

✓ One 1:1 Private Call: Your 1:1 call can be hosted anytime throughout your program and it’s designed to dive deep into what you are looking to create and see what big visions await.


If you have the calling for something more and aren't quite sure what it looks like, email to set up an informational call. We can't wait for you to join us on this amazing discovery of self!

***Please note, no coupon codes or discounts will be eligible for use with this program.