Stones and Crystals that are good for Self Confidence

Whether you are newly stepping into your power or you shutter at the thought of it this is a list of stones and crystals that are good for self confidence and personal power. Step into your light and know that you are loved, supported and safe when you do. It is in the light of our third chakra that we serve this world in a powerful way. 

Here are stones and crystals to create confidence and excitement in your day to day:

1. Tiger Eye - a powerful stone of the third chakra. Helps to connect you to your personal power while keeping you grounded and stabilized at the same time. Also, helps to protect against negative energies.

2. Citrine - known as a master healer crystal this stone is wonderful to reignite the light within as well as pull from the energy of your third chakra. Not only does it boost self confidence it also helps to connect you to your higher self and aids in meditation. Bonus feature, it is a considered a crystal of abundance.

3. Carnelian - a stone of creativity and inspiration. Carnelian helps to bring back your charisma and excitement. As a stone of the sacral or second chakra, it helps to heal any emotional issues that might come up. 

4. Orange Calcite - also very healing when it comes to emotions and dealing with situations that may have caused friction in your life. Not only that, it helps to enhance creativity and inspiration as well. 

May you always know the power and light that exists within you and may you always be inspired by and warmed by the flame.

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