Shedding Your Shell

I had a very interesting vision come through in my meditation this morning and I feel strongly that I need to share it with you all - or whoever feels like reading this ;)

In my vision one of my spiritual guides took my hand and brought me deep down into the Earth. I'm still working on letting go of fear of what I'm being shown and going deep into the Earth started to push that boundary a bit, but once I let go of the fear (and I'm so glad I did), I was shown how I am like a seed. What was interesting was that I wasn't a newly planted seed. I was outstretched and seemingly reaching for the surface, but very still and deep in the soil. As I was exploring what this vision felt like and keeping myself open to what it all meant I had a thought of my seedlings from my own garden. 

This specific thought was about a particular set of seedlings that have emerged. (I have to say specific because we have over 600 little seedlings started :) Ok, so back to why I bring this up. In this group of seedlings all but one of the plants has shed the shell of their seed. If you are not familiar with planting from seed there is a detail you need to know. When the first leaves start to break through the soil and start to reach for the sun they are sometimes still wearing the shell of their seed. Most of the plants will drop this shell or have left it in the soil, but every now and then one will still be wearing it like a protective hat, like a helmet ready for whatever danger may lay ahead. 

What this made me think of is where in my own personal growth journey have I been reluctant to shed my shell, to remove my protective layer and allow what's next to unfold with beauty and grace like that of a seedling reaching? Where can I allow the good, the beauty, and the sun in and see how good things can really get?

What's next doesn't have to be something scary. When coming from a guarded place or a place of protection and self preservation the release can be scary and downright terrifying. What if I get hurt? What if people leave? What if I don't recognize myself? What if I fail? Taking the shell off doesn't guarantee none of these things will happen, but what it does guarantee is that you will be ready to soak up the sun when it shines.  

So I invite you (and myself) to explore what needs to be left behind, what needs to be blessed and lovingly released in order to continue to reach towards the sun and our full potential. 

Sending you much love wherever you are on your growing journey - Jessica

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