Cultivating New Moon Intentions

new moon

The new moon is a perfect time to be cultivating intentions for the month ahead. This time of dark is like planting your seeds in the dark soil of the earth, setting the intentions and planting the seeds of what you would like to come to fruition. If setting intentions is new to you here are a few things to consider.

Reflection is a Powerful Tool
It can be a powerful tool to reflect back on where you have been over the past month, or even further if you like. What has worked? What didn't? How did your experiences effect you emotionally/physically/mentally/spiritually?

Finding Gratitude
We have all heard what a powerful tool gratitude is. The opportunity to give thanks for all things in life. Not only the good, but also the bad or uncomfortable because in all things there are lessons to be learned. When we take a moment to find gratitude it shifts our focus to all that we have rather than our perception of lack. 

Meditation or Spiritual Practices
Spending time connecting to your spiritual source during the new moon is a wonderful way to find clarity on your next step. We have so much stimulation and input on the daily that it can be hard to discern what direction we're going in. Take some time tonight to quiet the mind or give it something specific to focus on. If you're new to meditation there are wonderful apps out there to help get you started. 

Once you've had time to mentally work through things, find clarity, and quiet the busy thoughts it's wonderful to dive a little deeper through journaling. Journaling is a way of opening a dialog about what you're feeling and experiencing in your life right now. You can use it to get busy thoughts out of your head and to release emotions that may otherwise be stuck in your body. (this is something we talk a little more about later ;). 

Creating You List of Intentions
Once you've had a chance to reflect, find gratitude, meditate, and journal it's good to write down your specific intentions in a clear and concise way. This list may be where you stop or it may be a blueprint for things you wish to accomplish in the month ahead. You can use this tool to come back to or you can simply bring it out during the next new moon to see how things went, which brings us right back to the first suggestion of reflection.

Just like the moon our intentions have a cycle - sometimes they are bright and clear in the night sky and sometimes they are waiting to be unearthed. May this help you on your journey of creating intentions and happy new moon!

Much love and gratitude - Jessica

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