Creating a Circle for the Fall Equinox

Fall Equinox Mandala

Happy Fall Equinox! A beautiful time to celebrate the abundance of the summer and the work accomplished throughout the year. In our family it's an opportunity to connect and reflect. I love infusing times like this with someone visual and energetic. For us, the Mandala is a wonderful way of doing this. 

Historically Mandala translates as a circle and a symbol of the interconnectedness of everything and everyone. A beautiful reminder that we are on this journey together. It is usually geometric in nature and contains symbols of the persons inner world and journey through life. 

When creating your own Mandala it's good to start with an intention. What would you like the energy of your circle to represent? For the Fall Equinox we wanted to bring in elements of the season - harvest, fall colors, transition, release and moving inward. We also added some elements of abundance to represent the bounty of the season. 

From there you can start anywhere you like. We decided to start from the middle placing stones and crystals that represented the nature of our intentions for the Mandala and then worked our way outwards. When you are creating a Mandala and this circle it's really creating a sacred space and it's good to set your intentions for the highest good throughout the process. Because of the intentions pointed for the highest good you can also place objects that you use or wear in the circle to be infused with those energies.  

Other practices we decided to add to the creation of our Mandala was the pulling of oracle cards, smudging and sharing our intentions of what we would like to release in this season and what we look forward to moving into winter. When the weather permits we love to have a bonfire as well. 

Here are the elements that we used in our Fall Equinox Mandala and the energetic intentions of each. 


  • Picture Jasper - Mother Earth nurturing and grounding energy
  • Tree Agate - releasing of negative energy and outside influences
  • Carnelian - creativity, ideation, and vitality
  • Sunstone - joy, happiness, and playfulness
  • Rutilated Quartz - protection and assists in times of transition
  • Pyrite - clarity, abundance, grounding, and stability
  • Malachite - opens the heart to unconditional love
  • Lake Superior Agate - to connect to the energy of the land we are from
  • Amethyst - master healer, peace, calming, and healing

Candles - My fav is from Slow Burn because she infuses each candle with intention and beauty while she's creating them. 

Blanket or Cloth to create a sacred space

Nature Elements like Gourds, Pumpkins and Fall Mums to represent the season

Talismans - Crystal energy jewelry and malas that we want infused with the energy of the Mandala. 

I hope this is helpful in giving you some ideas for creating your own Mandala and a fun way to celebrate the change of the seasons. 

A special thank you to Talia for bringing her energy to this circle and for sharing in sacred space - I very much appreciate you my friend.

With much love and gratitude - Jessica

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  • Sending thoughts and love to your mom! Hope she has a speedy recovery! Love the mandala info please keep sharing all your wisdoms and learning. I always take something for my own life from it. Jane

    Jane Cadwell

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