Cooling Crystals for Summer

Summer is known as the Pitta season and for many of us with Pitta tendencies this can kick our temp AND temper up a notch. Here is a list of stones to help you keep your cool during these hot (headed) months. 

Aquamarine - is a very soothing and healing crystal and is also known for it's qualities of courage. Sometimes it takes courage to calm. 

Prehnite - a stone of unconditional love, helps to connect you to your higher self and release any heartache and gathers inner strength

Rose Quartz - also a stone of unconditional love helps you to find the love in your heart not only for others, but also for yourself when you may have flown off the handle. 

Aventurine - a stone of friendship and abundance. Reminding you to be nice to your friends and that there is enough for everyone ;)

Labradorite - when looking for direction in how to release some of the excess heat labradorite is great for connecting to your intuition. Especially great for when you need to think creatively about a heated situation. 

Amethyst - a master healer crystal that helps to release any burdens that might be agitating you.

Snow Quartz - the lighter side of crystal quartz helps you to see more clearly in an situation and to come at it with a calmer heart and mind. 

Howlite - helps you to break bad habits and is a wonderful stone of inner peace. So if you tend to have a shorter fuse this is a wonderful stone to help smooth out those rough edges. 

What are stones and crystals you like to use when you're feeling a little hot headed? Here's one of our favorite styles to bring you back down - I Just Can't Even!

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