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I Just Can't Even Intention Bracelet

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Feeling a little hot headed? Having a hard time dealing with anything today? I hear ya! Anger calming stones & crystals help you keep your cool. We can be brought to our limits some days & this will help bring you back down.

This Bracelet Includes:

  • Amethyst - meditative and calming, balance, patience, and peace.
  • Aquamarine - courage, fortitude. inner peace, hope, self-love. Dispels anger.
  • Moonstone - intuition, spirituality: all things love, power, healing
  • Rose Quartz - all things love
  • Prehnite - increases and stimulates energy with balance of inner calm
  • Howlite - decreases anger coming from within or externally.

Size: 7 Inch Bracelet

This I Just Can't Even Intention Bracelet is stretch elastic and handmade with love and mindfulness in Minnesota.