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The Explorer | Archetype Bracelet

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The Explorer
For the Explorer life is for freedom to discover yourself through exploration. They fear getting trapped, conforming or feeling empty. They are very independent, ambitious, and autonomous. Although the Explorer may be mistaken as aimless on their journey, they carry a high level of integrity, individuality, and wonder.

Stones included:

  • Hematite - grounding, stability
  • Lucky Jade - good luck & fortune
  • Botswana Agate - positive change
  • Prehnite - inner knowing
  • Aquamarine - peace, courage
  • Shoushan - promotes forward movement
  • Blue Chalcedony - mental flexibility
  • African Turquoise - truth, purpose
  • Aventurine - friendship, adventure

            Size: 7 1/4 Inch Bracelet

            This Archetype Collection Bracelet is stretch elastic and handmade with love and mindfulness in Minnesota. Each bracelet comes with a hang tag description of what it means and the stones included.