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Shane Pittman - Soul Circle Bracelet

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In a world filled with mysteries and the unexplainable, there are few who dare to look for the answers. This bracelet is for those who are brave enough to ask the tough questions and strong enough to stand when faced with fear in the search for the truth. May you have clarity, protection, and perseverance for the path ahead.

This bracelet includes:

  • Shungite - transformation, protection and strength
  • Obsidian - protection against negative energy
  • Larvikite - intuition, personal power and inner vision
  • Gray Landscape Jasper - connection between spirit and physical world
  • Clear Quartz - amplifier of energy and reminder that we are all connected
  • Hematite - grounding and stability

Size: 8 Inch Bracelet or 7 Inch Bracelet - PLEASE note size when checking out

This Bracelet is stretch elastic and handmade with love and intention in Minnesota with genuine stones and crystals and infused with Reiki energy.

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