Our tribe that thrives bracelet with medium sarah lemos

Our Tribe That Thrives Bracelet

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Within each of us is a connection to the other. When we come together in community to celebrate our many different paths of life we can learn from one another, transform, grow, and ignite the light within each of us. 

Know that you are loved, supported, connected, and belong in Our Tribe That Thrives. 

This bracelet includes:

  • Amethyst - master healer crystal, inner peace, intuition
  • Lepidolite - confidence, emotional and mental balance
  • Raspberry Jade - love, friendship, strengthens relationships
  • Opalite - spiritual communication, persistence, strength, removes energy blockages
  • Aquamarine - deep inner peace and courage
  • Blue Chalcedony - harmonizing, removes negativity, promotes generosity, and enhances mental flexibility and clarity
  • Blue Apatite - correct usage of energy, motivation, ambition, confidence, acceptance

Size: 8 Inch Bracelet or 7 Inch Bracelet - PLEASE note size when checking out

This Bracelet is stretch elastic and handmade with love and intention in Minnesota with genuine stones and crystals and infused with Reiki energy.

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