Black and Green Beaded Bracelet Picking Up the Pieces March 2021

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Picking Up the Pieces - March 2021

"It's ok if everything falls apart right now. Future you knows what to do with all the pieces." -Artifacts of Joy

This month's bracelet was inspired by the above quote. I was sitting next to the artists and she had this sticker on her water bottle. It sent chills through my body. There is so much truth and so much healing in a statement like that. You do have everything you need, you are more than capable of picking up this pieces. Didn't you know you were a puzzle master?! The wounds of life can feel unbearable and the shattered pieces seem like dust, but know that deep within you is a well of healing, peace and potential. The future you knows what to do with the pieces - allow yourself some grace and inner peace knowing you are fully taken care of. 

This bracelet includes Moss Agate, Jet, Green Goldstone, Kambaba Jasper, Astrophyllite, Onyx, Lava and Larvikite. May you be able to pick up all of those beautiful pieces and create a masterpiece of your life. And may this stones and crystals inspire, surround you with love and transform you. 

SPECIAL: In this month's shipment you will also be getting the above quote in sticker form so you too can adorn your water bottle with this loving reminder. ($6 value)

This is how it works:

Each month you will be sent an exclusive club member only bracelet, a crystal with corresponding energies to the bracelet and a postcard with a monthly exercise to help walk you through the intentions of the bracelet. (up to a $60 value!) As a member you will also have access to our private online facebook group "Moxie Monthly Members".

A little more about the bracelet:

Each month this special bracelet will have a unique intention and will only be available to the Moxie Monthly Subscribers. This bracelet will be not be available for purchase on the site. The design of the bracelet will be a new surprise and intention each month! 

No contract – you can cancel anytime. Two months free with annual subscription! All boxes ship on or around the 10th of the month. (If you order on the 8th-31st, you are subscribing to the following month’s box.)
Plans automatically renew on the 30th of each month.

SHIPPING: $5 flat rate on boxes. At this time, we only ship to the US.

 Pick Your Plan

  • Month to Month - $34.95 includes:
    • Exclusive Club Member Bracelet
    • Crystal or Stone with similar meaning
    • Creating Intention Guide for the month
    • Access to Private facebook group
    • $5 each month
  • 3 Month Prepay - $89.95 includes:
    • Same as Month to Month
    • 1/2 off one Month
    • (billed every 3 months / shipped every month)
    • $15 for 3-months shipping
  • 6 Month Prepay - $179.95 includes:
    • Same as Month to Month
    • PLUS! 1 Month FREE!
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  • 12 Month Annual Membership Prepay - $359.95 includes:
    • Same as Month to Month
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    • (billed annually / shipped every month)
    • $60 for 12-months shipping