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August 2024 – Beautiful Boundaries

Boundaries have been wildly talked about these days and for good reason. They keep us in alignment with our values and integrity. I had a chat with a friend talking about how she was setting boundaries in a way that felt good for her and I just thought, “yes, beautiful boundaries.” They were gentle yet firm, loving and affective. When we’re first trying to establish the lines we are willing to draw it can be a bit clumsy and bit uncomfortable to say the least. And, sometimes when we assert ourselves and find our voice it can be a little sharp. We need to remember to filter all of our fire, desires, beliefs, and drive through the energy of love before letting them out into the world. Everything, including boundaries, is better with a bit of love involved.

May you stand in your light, protect your light, and most of all share your light with love always at the forefront.

This bracelet includes:

  • Tiger Eye – protection, boundaries, personal power, strength
  • Mookaite – stone of the here and now, present moment awareness
  • Citrine – personal power, abundance, energy cleansing
  • Calcite – hope, enthusiasm, inner peace, and healing
  • Prehnite – stone of the high heart, divine love and support
  • Jade – confidence, acceptance, health, ability to solve emotional and spiritual issues
  • Bloodstone – calm and stabilize emotions, calm stress, and booth self-confidence
  • Malachite – stone of transformation, ability to recognize and heal emotional pain
  • Sodalite – the stone of communication and intellect, speak your truth with clarity and compassion
  • Lapis Lazuli – intuition, personal power, protection, and self-expression
  • Blue Chalcedony – soothes and calms mind, body, and spirit
  • Blue Lace Agate – inner peace, calm, and restoration
  • Amazonite – calm confidence, heals any self-esteem issues that are coming up

    Size: 7 1/4 Inch Bracelet - please make a note on your order if you need bracelet size adjusted.

    The Moxie Monthly Bracelets are stretch elastic and handmade with love and mindfulness in Minnesota. Each bracelet is reiki infused and comes with a hang tag description of what it means and the stones included.