Moxie Amplifier full chakra bracelets 4mm

Moxie Amplifiers - Single Bracelets

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These fun little bracelets are perfect for paring with your favorite Moxie pieces to amplify the specific energy of your intentions. The Moxie Amplifiers are made with 4mm beads and add dimension to your bracelet stack. They are also great to mix-n-match on their own!

Hematite - A wonderful stabilizer for when life gets a little chaotic. Balances root chakra energy creating a strong and steady foundation in life. Helps you to feel grounded. 

Smoky Quartz - Protection from negative energy, grounding and stabilizing. Transmutes negative energy into positive energy. Releases fear, anxiety and depression. 

Garnet - Improves vitality, motivation and energy. Creates a strong foundation and re-energizes all seven chakras. Helps you to get unstuck.

Mookaite - Known as the stone of the “Here and Now”. Keeps you in the present moment, not worrying about the future or dwelling on the past. Feelings of peace and wholeness. 

Goldstone - Shake off the dust, motivate yourself and work towards your goals with creativity and ambition. Goldstone revitalizes it’s wearer and removes negativity and hesitation. 

Carnelian - Creativity, inspiration and vitality. Gets you motivated to take action towards creative endeavors and making moves towards your dreams and goals.

Sunstone - Joy, happiness and playfulness. This light hearted stone reminds us that life is filled with joy at every turn. Removes fear, negativity and alleviates stress. 

Calcite - Inner healing, hope, enthusiasm and restored confidence of self. Aids in releasing old patterns that no longer serve, helping to create a clean slate.

Citrine - Master healer crystal, charges stones and crystals around it. Promotes abundance, personal power and good will. Motivation, concentration and revitalization. 

Tiger Eye - Protection, personal power and courage. Helps to clear the mind of emotions in order to make decisions. Mental clarity, focus and objectivity. 

Amazonite - Soothes issues with self-esteem so your confidence can step forward calming and confidently. Helps promote positivity, alleviating worries and fears. 

Aventurine - Friendship, healing, abundance, leadership, compassion and perseverance. A wonderful way to invite positivity and abundance into your life. 

African Turquoise - Inner truth, dharma and purpose. Helps with communication and self expression. Promotes peace and soothes emotional upset. 

Apatite - Balances energy, avoiding over or under activity. Personal power, encouraging you to speak your truth. Seeing clearly, expands inner knowing. Dispels sorrow, apathy and anger. 

Aquamarine - Reduces stress, anxiety and anger bringing deep inner peace and healing. Helps with feeling less overwhelmed, especially in positions of leadership.

Sodalite - Communication, intellect and creative expression. Helps one with communicating with clarity and compassion. Removes writer’s block and creative blockages.

Lepidolite - Emotional balance and healing, reducing stress and anxiety. This stone helps to remove negative energy and improves confidence and connection to higher self.

Amethyst - A master healer crystal for mind/body/spirit and supportive of all 7 chakras. A crystal of intuition and clarity. Removes fear, anxiety, stress and anger bringing overall peace. 

Fluorite - A strong sense of healing and overall well-being. Connection to higher self balancing energy both physically and mentally, promoting clarity. 

Rhodonite - Clears the heart chakra and relieves emotional wounds from the past. Supports self-love, compassion and forgiveness not only for others, but also for self.

Rose Quartz - Universal stone of love. Compassion, empathy, love, forgiveness for others and for self. Heart support, love easily flows to you and from. 

Moonstone - Supports feminine energy, natural rhythms and the cycles of life. Enhances intuition and connection to higher self, promoting clarity and guidance.

Howlite - Eliminates stress, pain, and anger. Calm communication, healing and helps to remove bad habits. Strengthens memory and clear thinking.

Crystal Quartz - Universal amplifier of energy. Aids in clarity, concentration and aligning our energy centers or chakras. Overall balance and energy cleansing.

These bracelets are 7 1/4 inch, stretch elastic and handmade with love and mindfulness in Minnesota. They come in a pouch with a card that describes the meaning of the bracelet and the stones. 

Note: Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.