Keep Going Intention Mala

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Every now and then we just need to hear someone say “keep going, you can do it” and even better if that little voice comes from within. Know that when you need to dig a little deeper to keep going that you are far more capable than you think.

This Mala Includes:

  • Garnet - re-energizes all chakras, passion, drive
  • Amethyst - master healer, intuition, peace
  • Tiger Eye - focus, clarity, protection, fearlessness
  • Tiger Iron - energetically dynamic, self-healing, personal power
  • Citrine - clarity, optimism, enthusiasm, and personal power

    Size: 108 beads - 8mm round beads

    This intention mala is strung on a strong 49 strand wire with a hand tied tassel. Handmade with love and intention in Minnesota.