Evil Eye Moxie Amplifier | Holiday Exclusive

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Evil Eye Bracelet
The Evil Eye Bracelet has been one of our most requested styles and we are so excited to bring you one this holiday season! 
The myth of the evil eye states that when someone is envious of you, they'll have the power to give you an 'evil glare' and send bad luck your way.
Where this bracelet as a talisman of protection to ward of envious stares and bring about all of the luck and abundance you are worthy of.

Stones included in this bracelet:
Clear Crystal Quartz - clarity, truth, amplifier of energy and intentions
Black Tourmaline - sends negative energy back to it's source

This bracelet is made with 4mm beads and is 7 1/4" in size

 ***This Evil Eye Bracelet is a limited edition holiday exclusive bracelet which mean once they are gone they are gone.*** 

Note: Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.