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Energy Bracelet with Morgan St. Jean

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Luck is something we often think of as outside of our control; something that happens to us instead of from us. But, the thing with luck is that the luckier we decide we are, the luckier we become. This bracelet is meant to serve as your reminder that anything is possible, you are worthy of all of your desires, and you are as lucky as you believe you are. As you manifest your dreams, let this bracelet attract positive energy, and be a reminder that luck is always on your side. 

This Bracelet Includes:

  • Pyrite - confidence, energy and vitality to take action
  • Clear Quartz - universal amplifier of energy, amplifies intentions
  • Fire Quartz - clears away doubt, fear, and uncertainty
  • Lepidolite - stone of transition, bless and release old patterns, embracing the new
  • Amethyst - enhances intuition and envisioning your manifestation
  • Fluorite - mental clarity, peace of mind, transforms negative into positive
  • Prehnite - unconditional love, inner knowing, heart centered energy
  • Citrine - abundance, confidence, optimism, and luck

Size: 7 Inch Bracelet

This Bracelet is stretch elastic and handmade with love and intention in Minnesota with genuine stones and crystals and infused with Reiki energy.

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