Birth Month Flower Collection Intentions

Take a stroll through the crystal garden of the Birth Month Flower Collection! 

January | Snow Drop
The Snow Drop is well known as a flower of new beginnings, a clean slate. It's gorgeous white petals represent purity, innocence, and cleansing away any and al negative energies that may be lingering from the past. 

The January Bracelet and Necklace include:

  • Moss Agate - new beginnings, new love
  • Crystal Quartz - clarity, amplifier of energy
  • Yellow Calcite - hope, enthusiasm, inner peace, healing
  • Sunstone - joy, happiness, playfulness
  • Labradorite - intuition, personal evolution
  • Garnet - strong foundational stone that energizes all 7 chakras

February | Iris
The Iris has long been a symbol of faith, hope, and a renewed sense that things are going to be ok. These beautiful blooms are also a symbol of wisdom aiding to support clarity and discernment. 

The February Bracelet and Necklace include:

  • Amethyst - deep sense of peace, tranquility, stress and anxiety relief
  • Sodalite - communication and intellect, self-expression
  • Aquamarine - inner calm and outer courage
  • Citrine - abundance, personal power, energy cleansing
  • African Turquoise - expression, dharma, purpose, and inner truth

March | Daffodil
The Daffodil is a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings. As the first flower we see in the spring this beautiful yellow bloom reminds us of hope, renewal, and the abundance the new season brings. 

The March Bracelet and Necklace includes:

  • Citrine - abundance, personal power, energetic cleanser
  • Carnelian - creativity, inspiration, vitality, emotional balance
  • Sunstone - joy, happiness, playfulness
  • Yellow Calcite - hope, enthusiasm, inner peace, healing
  • Mookaite - stone of the here and now, keeping us in the present moment, not worrying about the future or dwelling on the past
  • Aquamarine - deep inner peace, courage

April | Daisy
The Daisy is a symbol of innocence, new beginnings, friendship, belonging, and joy and happiness. The white Daisy is also a symbol of birth and rebirth, while the yellow daisy leans more towards friendship and joy. 

The April Bracelet and Necklace includes:

  • Crystal Quartz - clarity, connection to higher self, amplifies energy
  • Citrine - abundance, energy healing, personal power
  • Yellow Calcite - hope, enthusiasm, inner peace, healing
  • Moss Agate - new beginnings, new love
  • Howlite - the breaker of bad habits, inner peace, healing

May | Lily of the Valley
The Lily of the Valley flower symbolizes purity, joy, love, sincerity, happiness and luck. This delicate flower is also a symbol of unity and a return to happiness. 

The May Bracelet and Necklace includes:

  • Aventurine - abundance, heart support, friendship, community
  • Rose Quartz - universal love, compassion, empathy
  • Sunstone - joy, playfulness, happiness
  • Yellow Calcite - hope, enthusiasm, inner peace, healing
  • Fluorite - connection to higher self, inner peace, stress and anxiety relief
  • Howlite - the breaker of bad habits, inner peace, calm

June | Rose

July | Water Lily

August | Poppy

September | Aster

October | Marigold

November | Peony

December | Narcissus