Positive Vibes - EMF Protection Mala

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We are constantly surrounded by the energies of others and our reactions to them. May this bracelet protect you from negative energy coming from external circumstances as well as your own internal reaction so only the positive vibes are flowing.

What is EMF?

  • Low frequency EMF radiation. They have lower frequencies than visible light and are non-ionizing radiation. Examples include EMFs from microwave ovens, computers, visible light, smart meters, Wi-Fi, cell phones, Bluetooth, power lines, and MRIs.
  • High frequency EMF radiation. These have higher frequencies than visible light, which are ionizing radiation. Examples include ultraviolet (UV) light, X-Rays, and Gamma rays.

*The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Stones and Crystals Included:

  • Onyx - Protects from negativity and energy drain, helps in times of duress.
  • Gold Sheen Obsidian - Protective and releases blockages.
  • Smoky Quartz - Protective against negative energy, transmutes negative energy into positive energy.
  • Hematite - Very grounding and stabilizing.
  • Larvikite -  Helps one to trust their intuition and connection to Earth energy.
  • Snowflake Obsidian - Balance and purity.
  • Shungite - A stone of transformation, protection, and balance. Absorbs and neutralizes EMF.
  • Rudraksha - Promotes peace and prosperity and releases fear.

Size: 108 beads - 8mm round beads

This mala is handmade in Minnesota, on a strong 49 strand wire with a hand tied tassel. It comes in a box with a card that describes the meaning of the mala and the stones. 

Note: Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.