Entire Ocean - Water Element Mala

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Renewal | Healing | Purification

"You are not a drop in the ocean, You are the Entire Ocean in a drop." ~Rumi

For when you need to be reminded of how connected we all really are. It has been said that all things can be cured by the sea. The element of water is one of renewal, healing, and purification - washing your mind, heart, and soul clean. 

Apply a drop of your favorite essential oils to the Lava Stone beads only. The scent will be able to be enjoyed for a day or two and the oils can be reapplied as necessary.

Pairs perfectly with the Entire Ocean Water Element Bracelet - select "Set" above to purchase both!

This bracelet is created with Sandalwood, Picture Jasper, Lava, Smoky Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Apatite, Flourite, Aquamarine, Snow Quartz, and Crystal Quartz.
Apatite Thinking, Focus

Apatite is a stone that mystically can stimulate the thoughts and ideas. It is used, often in conjunction with meditation, to increase intellect, imagination, and intuitive and psychic awareness. It is said to help you maintain focus, learn, concentrate effectively, think clearly, and communicate better. Having apatite near you or wearing it can bring harmony on all levels, and brings inner peace. This occurs because it is aid to help release old feelings that may be hampering you in current life, including ones from past lives.

Aquamarine Courage, Inner Peace

Aquamarine is metaphysically known as a stone of courage and fortitude that can bring great power. It is said to assist with quick intellectual response. It brings inner peace, hope and self-love, gives shielding for the aura, and is said to bring angels for their guidance and protection. As such, it is an excellent crystal for meditation. Aquamarine is used metaphysically to dispel anger and fear.


*Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.