The Power of Perspective

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This month's bracelet is something so near and dear to my heart. There have been so many times in my life where my perspective on all different kinds of topics has shifted.

In 2019 I was diagnosed with an 'extreme migraine disability'. When I was told this, at the time it was very apparent and affecting every aspect of my life. I also knew that it wasn't the end all for me.

I noticed my migraines were happening when I was happy and things were going well and I thought 'well that's broken'. So I decided to sign up for therapy.

Now my first day walking into therapy felt like defeat. I almost had a panic attack walking into the office that first day thinking 'well I really failed this time', but this still small voice from within said 'and this is exactly why I'm here'. Thank goodness I listened to that small voice of comfort.

On my journey with therapy I was introduced to EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. A technique that uses a lightbar and buzzers in your hands to create bilateral eye movement similar to those found in REM sleep. The hope is that this type of simulation helps to pull memories from your emotional brain to be reprocessed and but back into your logical brain so they can no longer trigger an emotional and sometimes (like in my case) a physical response.

By going through this style of therapy with the guidance of my counselor I was able to shift my perspective on so many different experiences and emotions that I didn't even realize I was holding onto in my body and in my brain.

This shift in perspective changed my life in so many ways. The main one was to heal my migraine disability. I still get 1 or 2 a year, but this is a vast improvement from 3 a week. There is so much power in our perspective and what is fueling our thoughts and responses.

So my hope for you is that a change in perspective can bring about healing, transformation, and ultimately empowerment.
Sending much love and gratitude, Jessica

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