Spring Inspiration :: How to Cultivate Transformation and Personal Growth

How to Celebrate Spring and/or the Equinox

The spring is a time of new growth, fresh energy and a time to shed the cold of winter. Let's take inspiration from this time of year to create personal growth and transformation. Here is a fun list of activities to celebrate the Spring Equinox and start you on your own journey into summer. 

Get Out In Nature ::

Talk a walk in nature and feel connected to the Earth during this time of renewal. If it's still snowy where you are try visiting a local Conservatory or Greenhouse for a breath of fresh air and the smell of Earth and soil. 

Start Your Seedlings ::

Many plants need to be started inside and cared for as seedlings before being moved outdoors. This is also a great way to get children involved and teach about the importance of caring for something and cultivating growth. When planting the seeds be thinking about what "seeds" you want to also be planting mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Create New Intentions ::

The beginning of the year is always marked with plenty of ways to create intentions and goals for the year. Take the opportunity of the new season of spring to do the same. You can revisit the intentions you were working on or decide to start new. 

Spend Time in Reflection ::

The Spring Equinox symbolizes a time of balance, a time when daylight and night are given equal amounts of time. Take some time to reflect on this balance of day and night, of activity and rest, and of the stillness before action. Make space in your day for meditation, yoga, journaling or anything that helps you to slow down and find balance. 

Spring Cleaning ::

This is a great time to air out the house and purge anything no longer serving you. A deep clean of the house AND yourself is a great way to start the spring. Just as much as you want to clean the cobwebs from your home take this opportunity to dust off your daily habits and reinvigorate your best morning or bedtime routine. 

Do A Spring Detox ::

Similar to the deep clean this one is more about purging. Whether you are doing this to see what "Sparks Joy" in your life or doing it to get rid of the winter "hibernation" habits that have you feeling lethargic its a great time to be rid of all that no longer serves you.  

Have a Bonfire ::

One of my favorite things to do is have a bonfire or fire of some sort to symbolize transformation. It is with fire that we forge the strongest steel and it is with fire that we burn away the excess brush for new life the grow. A great way to use your bonfire to symbolize this is to take a small piece of paper and write a few words on the piece of paper. These can be something you are working on OR can be something you are looking to release. When you are finished writing it down, hold it in between the palm of your hands and meditate for a couple of moments on what your intention is moving into Spring. When you feel like you have a solid idea of your intention place the piece of paper in the fire to release your intentions into the universe. 

We would LOVE to hear from you! What traditions do you have surrounding the Spring Equinox? What are ways that you cultivate transformation in your life?

Much love and happy spring!

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