How does Freedom feel to you? and other thoughts on Freedom

This is such a potent time of year to speak of freedom. We're coming off of Juneteenth, approaching Independence Day, and here is MN we have the PRIDE Festival this weekend, all of which are cause for celebration of FREEDOM.

I didn't realize how much my freedom really meant to me until a couple of years ago when I was walked through the Brene Brown workshop at a yoga retreat. This is where I found out that Freedom was one of my top two Values in life. The purpose of this workshop is to distill down and determine what you top two values are in life in order to use them as a litmus test for all other aspects of your life, thus making decisions a clear choice and your path forward a little easier to navigate. 

It's freedom that allows every other aspect to fall into place. Authenticity, self-expression, community, altruism, adventure, literally all other values are accessed through the freedom to be able to express and embody them. At least this is my interpretation for my life. If something does not without a doubt bring me the feeling of freedom and usher in more freedom in my life, it's going to be a hard pass for me. This is not to say that discipline, respect, kindness, and overall consideration go out the door. Having freedom as a value is about freedom not just for myself, but freedom and for the benefit of all involved. 

So, as we approach this 4th of July I encourage you to ask yourself - what does freedom feel like for you?

With Much Gratitude, Jessica

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