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If you are here you either found this page on the website or you follow my personal social media accounts. The reason I say this is because this is my and my families personal journey with gardening! We've been gardening for years, but only recently really started to spend more time on it. 

This page is a resource page for some of the goodies and gadgets we use to be successful in our garden! 

If you want to follow along on the journey you can follow us on instagram and facebook! 

Here is some of the supplies we use - 

Soil Blocker
We use this to create blocks of soil to start our seeds in. We do this to reduce waste in the garden and give the baby roots more room to grow and an easier transition into the ground. 

Heat Mat and Thermostat
When looking to germinate the seeds and produce our first little seedlings we use a heat mat to keep the soil temperatures warm during the cooler months. This is used indoors before transplanting the seedlings into the ground later in the spring. You want to use the thermostat otherwise the mat will continue to get way way too hot. We can fit 4 of the germination trays across one heat mat. 

Burpee Organic Seed Starting Mix
This is the seed starting mix we like to use. It's easy and clean and we're still learning about creating our own seed starting mix. For now this works great! We purchased ours at Home Depot

Germination Tray
Drainage Tray
These are the durable plastic trays we use year after year to start our seeds. We place the drainage tray inside the germination tray for easy watering and plenty of drainage. 

Portable Compost Bin
I love this composter because it's super easy to undo, move, and flip the compost pile!

Here is a collage of our 2023 season.



And because Amazon is willing to pay me for sharing what I'm already sharing please know these are affiliate links. We do genuinely use all of these products and tools in our garden :)
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