Crystals for the Fall Equinox

Ah, the fresh smell of Autumn air. My personal favorite time of the year for several reasons. It seems that in the fall we return to a bit of routine and anticipation. While summer is wonderful for the live in the moment adventures and spontaneous weekends away the fall is where I really feel like I thrive. There is a transition in all of nature that happens when we move from Summer to Fall. We are moving from a Pitta season of fire and water, action and forward movement; to then a Vata season of air and space, contemplation and reflection. There is a natural release that happens - the perfect example being the trees releasing their leaves. 

Within this new routine we find a moment to breathe and catch our barrings about us. When we take the opportunity to release what no longer serves us it opens the door to more supportive energies. Below you will find a list of crystals to help with personal empowerment, energy, balance, joy and stability. 

Lapis Lazuli - as a stone of the fifth and sixth chakras Lapis Lazuli helps you to speak your truth with clarity and compassion, helping with self-awareness and self-expression. It is also known as a stone of personal power, confidence and protection against negative energies. 

Amethyst - a master healer stone that helps to calm and soothe on all levels. Also, connected to the third eye chakra and our intuition and inner knowing. 

Garnet - helps to re-energize all 7 chakras starting at the base. A stone of personal power, passion and self love. 

Black Tourmaline - very grounding and stabilizing. A stone to help protect against negative energies that may have crept in. Black Tourmaline is wonderful for people with empathic tendencies in that it protects against other people's energy. 

Sunstone - a stone of happiness, joy, hope and enthusiasm. Wonderful stone for feelings of gratitude and appreciation. 

Bloodstone - excellent for cleansing old energies that no longer serve. Increases creativity and one's intuition. Also very grounding and stabilizing. 

Lepidolite - a very high vibe stone used for positivity, balance and emotional cleansing. Known as a "transition" stone this helps to gently release old thought patterns and behavioral patterns that no longer serve. 

Fluorite - a stone of the higher self helping to connect you with your inner world and intuition. Very calming and soothing. Brings about concentration, clarity, good judgement, confidence and positivity. 


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