Celebrating 9 Years of the Moxie Malas Community

Dear Moxie Community, 

From the bottom of my heart thank you, thank you for being you, for being here, for supporting and seeing the vision of what Moxie could be and for being a part of the co-creation of it. Even from the beginning of Moxie Malas conception I knew I wanted it to be about community and bringing people together. I wanted Moxie to be about anyone who interacted with the brand seeing a spark of their most authentic self come alive. The world needs the one and only you.

When I starting the making the jewelry it was never about jewelry it was always about the broader message behind the stones. This message is one of healing, self reflection, personal empowerment, transformation, growth, and most of all coming closer to the essence of who we really are as individuals and letting that light shine.

The more of us who are connected to our light and connected to each other in community the more we can spread this message of hope, self-love, healing, and fulfillment. We are so much better together and so much healing can happen in community and in relationship. It's an opportunity to connect to others while connecting with the deeper aspects of ourselves. 

The power of community provides reflection of self, a safe container, a sounding board, and let's not forget fun, love, and connection. These are just some of the thoughts I've had as a reflect on the last 9 years and the next 9 years to come. We are just getting started and thank you for being a part of this journey. 

With so much love and gratitude, Jessica


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