A Beginner's Guide to Crystals | 10 to get you started

In a world of crystals, stones, energy and healing it can get a little confusing on where to start. I'm here to tell you it's not as intimidating as you think!

When you're starting to work with crystals always follow your intuition, it will never lead you astray. One of the main things I tell people is that you are drawn to what will serve you. It is your intuitions way of guiding you in the right direction. If you're reading this and thinking, "intuition?!" - go with the one you are most attracted to. 

If you're not feeling drawn to any particular crystal or stone, but really want to work with their beneficial energies here is a great list to get you started. 

 Beginners guide to crystals 10 stones and crystals

1. Rose Quartz - The universal stone of love. Love for others, love for self and unconditional love. Rose Quartz helps to bring out the best in humanity and remind us to bring it back to love and to choose love over fear. Just as much as this stone helps us to feel love, compassion, forgiveness and empathy for others it also gently reminds us to find all those same beautiful qualities for ourselves. 

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2. Clear Crystal Quartz - Known as a universal amplifier of energy, Clear Crystal Quartz is great to work with in meditation aiding you in connecting to your higher self and to the divine in your life. This beautiful crystal also helps to bring about clarity of mind and thought while calming the busy thoughts of your day to day. 

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3. Amethyst - Known as a Master Healer stone, Amethyst is a fantastic support for mind, body, and spirit. This beautiful purple crystal helps to instill deep peace for the person working with it as well as helping you to connect with your intuition. Another benefit of working with Amethyst is that it is known as a stone of sobriety. So, if you or someone you know could use some support in this area Amethyst is a fantastic energetic ally. 

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4. Sodalite - Known as the Writer's Stone, Sodalite helps to remove blockages of self expression aiding you in speaking your truth with clarity and compassion. Sodalite is also known as a stone of wisdom, intellect and communication. If there are some ideas or creative musings looking to be expressed Sodalite is a wonderful companion. 

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5. Amazonite - A wonderful stone for calming any self-esteem issues that might be lingering so that your confidence can step forward in a beautiful and steady way. Amazonite is also wonderful for balancing your emotions in order to not get swept up in them so they may be used as a guide rather than a distraction. 

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6. Citrine - Another one of the Master Healer family Citrine is wonderful for cleansing the energy of other crystals as well as your own energy. It is self charging and always willing to help hold the light for you when you've lost sight of your own. Citrine is also a crystal of abundance and prosperity. 

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7. Tiger Eye - This is a wonderful stone of protection and strength. Tiger Eye provides a strong foundation for when you are stepping into your power for the first time. 

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8. Carnelian - A beautiful stone of creativity, inspiration, and vitality. Carnelian helps us to reconnect to the sensual, playful, and creative side of yourself. If you are looking for a creative solution to a situation in your life Carnelian is a wonderful sidekick. 

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9. Smoky Quartz - This beautiful crystal makes sure no energy goes wasted. Smoky Quartz transmutes negative energy into positive energy and helps to make sure you are protected from the negative energy of others, but also from those nagging negativities that may creep up from inside of you now and again. 

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10. Black Tourmaline - the end all, be all crystal of protection. If you are feeling the negative energy of others or the negative energy of a space Black Tourmaline is going to keep you grounded, steady and protected. This beautiful black stone is a power tool for those who work in a service industry of any kind.

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Did any of these stones or crystals stick out to you right away? Comment below with which one is calling your name! 

Here is a great guide to getting started with working with your crystals.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask! With much love and gratitude - Jessica

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