Moxie Malas Yoga & Bracelet Making Workshop

The Center of MVMT :: Yoga & Bracelet Making Workshop Sat. 6/20

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In this fun and inspiring workshop you will have an opportunity to dive a little deeper into what you are looking to create in your life!

First we will be exploring what it means to create a sankalpa or intention of the soul. Then we will be diving into the energy system known as the chakras and how stones and crystals help to bring balance to these areas of our bodies and lives. Next will be time for yoga to integrate everything we are talking about before you get to make a one of a kind bracelet of your own. A true representation of what you want to be reminded of daily - a wearable affirmation of the energy within. Come see what your journey looks like!

The cost of this workshop includes the knowledge sharing, yoga movement and bracelet. You will want to bring a notebook or journal and something to write with. 

The cost is $40 

This workshop will take place at
Crossfit City of Lakes
701 Decatur Ave N, Ste 209
Golden Valley, Minnesota 55427

Saturday June 20th