Strength, Courage and Will Power Mala

Strength, Courage and Will Power Mala

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This powerful mala features a hand carved cross from Pistachio Wood. We find strength, courage, and will power from all different life experiences. Feel supported, loved, and able to stand in your power when this mala is near. 

A note regarding the cross from the artist:
"The reclaimed timber we are using to create our wood jewelry comes from otherwise discarded small pieces, left behind by the musical instruments and de luxe furniture outlining process. Our products are not machine produced, but exclusively carved by hand." 

This mala features 8mm beads in Obsidian, Garnet, Tiger Iron, Smoky Quartz, Picture Jasper, and Sandalwood. As well as, 10mm Rosewood marker beads and a hand carved Pistachio Wood Cross. 
108 Beads

Note: Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.