"I Am Intrepid" - Fearless Bracelet Stack

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Repeat after me "I Am Fearless!" Sometimes when life is changing or we have a big project coming up we need to be reminded of just how fearless we really are. Feel protected and supported as you express yourself fearlessly.

This stack includes 3 bracelets:
"I Am Fearless" - Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet
Protection - Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet
Expression (Mixed Stone) - Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet
Each bracelet in this stack can be used as a personal essential oil diffuser. You just apply a drop or two of your choice of essential oil directly to the lava / pumice stone. The oil will diffuse over a day or two.


*Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.

*Please avoid using Myrrh or Lemon oil on your bracelet. 

*To order these bracelets wholesale please select individual bracelets. Thank you!