"I Am Balanced" - Here & Now Bracelet Stack

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When we bring ourselves into the present moment a sense of balance can happen. We are not worried about the past and we are not concerned about the future. All there is, is now. Feel protected, connected, and balanced with this bracelet stack. 

This stack includes 3 bracelets:
Balanced Power - Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet
Protection - Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet
"I Am Connected" - Crown Chakra Bracelet
Two of the bracelets in this stack can be used as a personal essential oil diffuser. You just apply a drop or two of your choice of essential oil directly to the lava / pumice stone. The oil will diffuse over a day or two.


*Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.

*Please avoid using Myrrh or Lemon oil on your bracelet.