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EXPANSION Full Day Immersion :: Inner Intentions Revealed Sat. 1/18 :: Co-Hosted by Moxie Malas and AwakenPeace

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EXPANSION - Inner Intentions Revealed

This year, approach the new year differently. 

In this full-day immersion, you will begin to feel shifts in your being, perception, and energy that allow you to move forward with confidence and clarity in the New Year.

Choose your direction by unveiling your Intentions for 2020

You are invited to join Moxie Malas and AwakenPeace for a FULL DAY immersion.

We will focus on inviting intentions to come forward in response to nurturing the whole body through meditation, movement, guided inquiry, nourishing food, and creative expression. Setting intentions from the inside out--from the heart, vijnanamaya kosha & bliss body not intellect. Invite intention through attuning to an expansive state.

Tune into your body, discover how you want to feel from the inside out.

Intention is direction. Which way are you walking in 2020?

Space is limited, we hope to see you there! Register today ^^^

At the end of the day, you will...

  • Connect with what you really want to create and experience in the New Year
  • Create a clear, strong, energetically activated Expansion Intention
  • Have a vision for manifesting your intention

What to Bring?

  • Journal & writing utensil
  • Crayons, colored pencils, colored pens, etc 
  • Pillow for yoga nidra
  • Meditation cushion or bolster if they wish
  • Yoga mat
  • Blanket for yoga nidra
  • Water bottle

This experience is going to be at the Riveter in Minneapolis

Special Guest - Betsy Nelson

"Expand your Perspective in the Kitchen with Betsy"

Betsy Nelson, Ayurvedic chef and culinary herbalist will demonstrate a simple and nourishing Ayurvedic one-pot meal, and do a little ‘yoga of knife skills’ lesson as well. Cooking meals is an opportunity for mindfulness and can be a joy for all the senses. Truly being present to seeing, smelling, touching and tasting the foods we cook with can enhance the experience of nourishing ourselves. She will discuss the ’Six Tastes’ of Ayurveda and how they effect our doshic balance.
Kitchari, a nourishing stew, will be served and there will be assorted accompaniments to explore the ’Six Tastes’.

    Expansion 2020: Resolution Re-invention :: SCHEDULE





    The adventure begins!




    Inquiry Meditation:

    What do you want to expand?  Connect with your intuition and Higher Self in this guided meditation to awaken your intention for the New Year.


    Yoga to Expand Your Energy:

    Invite movement and flow into the body with an expansive flow

    10:15am Creative Expression - Drawing Exercise: Bring your intention forward and increase clarity by creating a visual representation of your Expansion Vision for 2020.  


    Yoga of Knife Skills - Ayurveda Cooking Demo

    Betsy Nelson, Ayurvedic chef and culinary herbalist will demonstrate a simple and nourishing Ayurvedic one-pot meal, and do a little ‘yoga of knife skills’ lesson as well. 


    Lunch Included! A beautiful Kitchari prepared by Betsy will be provided.


    Discussion of the Chakras and Crystal Healing:

    Learn how crystals can be used to support the manifestation of your Expansion Vision.


    Bracelet Making:.

    Create your own Intention Bracelet as an energetic support and visual reminder of your 2020 Intention


    Passion Planner:

    Introducing a fun tool to create a mind map of how to start in the direction your inner light is guiding you.


    Yoga Nidra:

    Deepen your connection with your intention in this restorative and integrative meditation practice


    Closing Circle:

    Seal in our intentions.


    Shopping and Social:

    Enjoy local vendors and social time after closing ceremony.


    * This event is rain/snow or shine and non-refundable.