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A Homecoming | North Shore Stone Diffuser Bracelet

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A Homecoming
There are times in our life when we have a call to come back to ourselves. The thing about callings is that they linger, they stick around until answered. A homecoming happens when we start to listen to the still small voice within. The one saying - it's time.

This bracelet includes:
Clear Quartz - clarity, connection to higher self
Sandalwood - grounding Earth energy
Gray stone - courage, energy, strength, dispels fear
Northshore MN Stone - healing energy of Lake Superior

 ***A Homecoming is a limited edition holiday exclusive bracelet which means I only have enough North Shore stone to create a limited number of these bracelets. Once they are gone they are gone.*** 

Due to the nature of the stones each bracelet will be slightly unique. 

Note: Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.