6th annual expansion 2024 moxie malas and dr patty hlava

{ 6th Annual } EXPANSION Full Day Immersion :: Sat. 1/13

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{ 6th Annual } EXPANSION

Intention is direction. What direction do you want to move toward in 2024?

Say good-bye to forgotten resolutions, discarded goals, and shame-spirals.

This year, you can approach the new year differently. This year—you can move forward with clarity and intention.

You are invited to join Jessica Hoch of Moxie Malas and Dr. Patty Hlava for a full-day experiential retreat where you will reinvent the resolution process by uncovering clarity in your vision for your Self and embodying your intentions for the year ahead.  

This experiential retreat is not about planning or trying to control the future. You will not set goals or write a list of resolutions to pin on the fridge. 

This workshop is about one thing:


Expansion is the balancing action of contraction.
It’s part of a natural rhythm that invites flow and ease into our life. 

  •       What do you want to see expand in your life?
  •       What do you want to grow?
  •       HOW DO YOU WANT TO FEEL IN 2024?

Awaken clarity and embody your vision for 2024 by defining your intention for the New Year. Choose your direction by being clear about what quality you want to embody. 

What are you ready to expand? 

You will gain clarity through active and gentle yoga movement, guided meditation, visioning, self-discovery exercises, and the presence of a healing community. Be prepared to tune into the wisdom of your body and heart to discover how you want to feel from the inside out. 

At the end of the day, you will feel grounded in your body, clear in mind, and rejuvenated in spirit. You will:

  • Connect with what you really want to create and experience in the New Year
  • Create a clear, strong, energetically activated Expansion Intention 
  • Have a vision for manifestation of your intention
  • Receive support, education, resources, and tangible tools to support you in the months ahead

Intention is more than wishful thinking—it’s willful direction. It is a philosophy of the heart put into practice, a consistency of conscious patterns of thought, energy, and action. Through intention, we see more and create with more clarity, passion, and authenticity. Our attention then becomes a spotlight for every shred of supporting evidence that we’re on the right path.” — Jennifer Williamson

What will you bring attention to in 2024? 

What will you expand? 


  •     Saturday, January 13, 2024
  •     8:00 AM – 6:00 PM


  • Our event will be held at The Graduate Hotel again near the University of Minnesota Campus.
  •     615 Washington Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

*Discounted room reservations are available for overnight guests.


  •     Full-day experiential workshop
  •     Vegetarian lunch buffet
  •     Expansion swag bag full of joyful surprises
  •     Access to local vendors at event
  •     Personalized gemstone intention bracelet
  •     Your vision and intention for the year ahead clarified
  •     Sound healng session

Full Schedule coming soon!


  • $299.00 – Full day registration including nourishing lunch. 
    • Early Bird $249 until 11/2
  •     Karma Yoga Ticket: $349.00
    • If you are fortunate and able to easefully attend, consider the Karma Yoga Ticket. Your donation of $50.00 will allow those experiencing financial hardships greater accessibility to participate in this event.
  •     Gratitude Ticket: $199.00
    •  **There are limited spaces available. These spots are reserved for those experiencing financial challenges and are supported by those offering Karma Yoga registrations.
  •     Work-Trade Scholarship
    • We have 2 spots available for a work/trade exchange. 

Please email Jessica@moxiemalas.com with any questions or for a copy of our COVID policy.