How to Make the Solar Eclipse a Meaningful Experience

Throughout history there have been all kinds of folklore and stories told about what significance the solar eclipse plays in life. How do some of these stories relate to today or do they at all. Some of the legends talk about spirits chasing after the sun and moon and during an eclipse it is said the spirit has caught up to the sun and moon and swallowed them whole! Now we know it is simply the moon passing between the sun and moon creating the illusion of the sun being swallowed because of the shadow it casts on the Earth. However, if you are looking for a deeper significance during this celestial time here are a few ways to make it a special or meaningful experience.

1. Take time for reflection.
 During the day of the eclipse use it has a time to reflect on it's symbolism in your life. How is your own light being shadowed and what steps can you take to let your light shine again?

2. Create and Set Intentions
 Usually we will look to the moon cycle to create and set intentions, but this time we can look to the sun. It happens to also be related to the moon because of the eclipse, so it makes for a wonderful time to find a quiet space, meditate on what you are looking to create in your life and create an action plan on how to get started.

3. Super charge your crystals!
  Set out your stones to be bathed by the sun during the day and then be supercharged by the energy of the solar eclipse! 

4. Spend time appreciating the awesomeness of this Universe.
 Sometimes all that is needed is a simple awareness or acknowledgement of how much there really is beyond ourselves. How truly connected we all really are even in a time where it might not feel like. Take a moment to create space for love and gratitude during the eclipse.

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